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New sports content, dramas and reality shows bring excitement and intrigue Welcome spring! Exciting new CJ ENM content is on the way in May, and there is something for everyone: spring love stories, fun variety shows and thrilling sports spectacles. Viewers will not be bored with the programming ahead. “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” premiered May 11 and has big expectations to live up to, with the director, Ahn Pan-seok, being a renowned romance mogul who had previously brought viewers “One Spring Night” and “Something in the Rain.”  “Earth Arcade,” which gained the highest number of unique visitors for TVING and drew more subscribers to the platform, is also back in spinoff form.  With May being a Family Month in Korea, broadcasters are airing content that families can enjoy altogether. There’s “Retirement Roadmap,” which premiered May 10 and looks at the lives of retirees, and “Parents in Korea,” set to start May 28. Popular TV personality Kim Won-hee hosts “Retirement Roadmap,” and Kim Sung-joo hosts “Parents in Korea.” May is also a month full of delights for sports fans. Among the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, only the 2024 French Open at Stade Roland-Garros, which opens May 26, will take place on clay courts. THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson continued the PGA tournament’s 79-year history May 2-6. “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” Starring: JUNG RYEO WON, Wi Ha Jun / Director: Ahn Pan-seok / Writer: Park Kyung-hwa  At a prestigious academy, also called “hagwon,” in Seoul’s affluent Daechi-dong neighborhood, a thrilling midnight romance unfolds between a star teacher and her former student. Seo Hye-jin (JUNG RYEO WON) is astonished when former student Lee Jun-ho (Wi Ha Jun) returns to the hagwon after 10 years. Stunning visuals and a trailer in which the headstrong Jun-ho approaches his former teacher are sure to pique viewers’ curiosity. “Whatcha Up To” Starring: Kim Hee Seon, Lee Soo-geun, Lee Eun-ji, THE BOYZ YOUNGHOON / Director: Jin Bo-mi Kim Hee Seon and Lee Soo-geun are the social butterflies of Korea’s entertainment industry. In “Whatcha Up To,” they team up and visit neighborhoods around the country, dropping in on friends. Directed by “Amazing Saturday” producer Jin Bo-mi, “Whatcha Up To” is notable for the chemistry between the hosts, as well as the conversations between comedian Lee Eun-ji and THE BOYZ YOUNGHOON. Additionally, this show marks Kim’s return to show business after a three-year break. Previously, she was part of tvN’s “Honeymoon Tavern.” “Earth Arcade: The Spinoff”  Starring: Lee Eun-ji, MIMI, Lee Young-ji, AN YUJIN / Director: Nah Yung Suk Nah Yung Suk is widely acknowledged as Korea’s top producer of entertainment for the Millennials and Gen-Zers: people who range in age from their late teens to their early 40s. Get ready for the spinoff of one of Nah’s most popular shows: “Earth Arcade!” The fantastic chemistry among “Earth Arcade” stars Lee Eun-ji, MIMI, Lee Young-ji and AN YUJIN helped TVING reach No. 1 both in terms of subscriptions and unique visitor numbers. Season 1 aired in 2022, followed by Season 2 in 2023.  This time, Nah is back to direct the spinoff, which features the same stellar cast. On April 16, the show’s YouTube channel aired a live session filmed in a sauna, leading to speculation about what to expect from the spinoff, including educated guesses about the filming location. “Retirement Roadmap” Starring: Kim Won-hee, Kim Jong-min / Director: Lee Jae-jun A must-watch show in an era with more centenarians than ever before, “Retirement Roadmap” takes a close look at life in a retirement village. Hosting Kim Won-hee and Kim Jong-min, the show seeks to gain insight into retirees’ lives.  This time, Nah is back to direct the spinoff, which features the same stellar cast. On April 16, the show’s YouTube channel aired a live session filmed in a sauna, leading to speculation about what to expect from the spinoff, including educated guesses about the filming location. “Parents in Korea” Starring: Kim Seong-joo, Jo Hye-ryun, DINDIN / Director: Yoon Hyung-seop A group of parents from overseas with grown children living in Korea wonder how their offspring are getting along. Well, they can stop wondering — thanks to the show, they get a chance to cross oceans for a surprise visit.  “Parents in Korea” makes its debut May 28 and promises one surprise after another as the parents learn about their children’s lives in Korea. Directed by Yoon Hyung-seop, known for “The Great Escape 4” and “Skip,” “Parents in Korea” features hosts Kim Seong-joo, Jo Hye-ryun and DINDIN.    “Legend Music Retold” Starring: Yoon Jong-shin, Baek Ji-young, Kim Min-seok of MeloMance / Directors: Kim Se-hoon, Jang Cho-hee “Legend Music Retold” premieres May 30, offering a look behind the scenes of Korea’s music industry and telling the stories of hits from legends such as singer-songwriter Yoon Jong-shin, balladeer Baek Ji-young and Kim Min-seok of MeloMance. Sports in May Fans of soccer, golf and tennis have a lot to look forward to this month. The Byron Nelson golf tournament, established in 1944, has been reborn as THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson. The PGA Tour event in Dallas, Texas, attracts 200,000 spectators each year and past winners include Korean players like Lee Kyoung-hoon, Kang Sung-hoon and Bae Sang-moon. Through Bridge Kids, golf stars like An Byeong-hun will give back to the community by supporting and instructing hopeful young golfers.  Tune in on May 26 to watch the 2024 French Open at Stade Roland-Garros and find out which player is the next “clay king.”
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