About CJ

About CJ Corporation's Founder

Lee Byung-chull, the Founder of CheilJedang, had a vision of contributing to the national economy during a time of need. Motivated by the urgent requirements of Korean society at the time of reconstruction, after the Korean War in 1953, the Samsung Group founder established CheilJedang Industries, a domestic manufacturing company with an ambitious work ethic: to perform at all levels in high spirits. Lee’s motivated and patriotic approach to business and his appreciation for culture has been passed down throughout the years and is still an integral part of CJ’s business philosophy.

About CJ Corporation

Founded in 1953, CJ Corporation, also known as CJ Group, is a global lifestyle company headquartered in South Korea dedicated to promoting the values of health, happiness and convenience through its products and services. CJ strives to transform global industries through innovation in each of its four core business areas: Food and Food Services, Bio, Logistics & Retail, and Entertainment & Media. From the delicious and healthy meals provided by renowned food brand bibigo to the world-class entertainment developed by CJ ENM, CJ maintains a commitment to its ONLYONE standard. Through the constant pursuit of forward-thinking solutions, CJ is committed to helping consumers around the world live life to the fullest.

CJ Milestones


  • CheilJedang Industry Co., Ltd. (currently CJ CheilJedang) founded
  • Produced Korea’s first sugar


  • Started the flour manufacturing business


  • Exported sugar for the first time


  • Started the seasoning business


  • Started the frozen food business


  • Entered the BIO business in Indonesia


  • Declaration of independent management from the Samsung Group


  • Became major stockholder for DreamWorks SKG by investing 300 million USD
    (more than 20% of CheilJedang's annual sales at the time)
  • Entered the film business (currently CJ ENM Entertainment Sector)


  • Launched Korea’s first instant rice product – “Hetbahn” (cooked rice)


  • Korea's first multiplex, CGV Riverside 11, opens
  • Entered logistics business and established CJ GLS (currently CJ Logistics)


  • Entered U.S. bakery business, launched first TOUS les JOURS store in LA


  • Opened the world's first realistic 4DX theater


  • Establishment of CJ E&M (currently CJ ENM Entertainment Sector)


  • Held the world’s largest K-Culture festival – “KCON” (LA)


  • Establishment of Studio Dragon, a drama production company


  • Expansion of U.S. logistics business base, acquisition of CJ Logistics DSC


  • Expansion of U.S. food business base, acquisition of CJ CheilJedang Schwan's Company


  • Establishment of OTT TVing Co., Ltd.
  • “Parasite”, released in 2019, wins the Academy Award for Best Picture


  • Acquisition of CJ ENM Endeavor Content

Key Businesses

CJ aims to enhance its business competitiveness and maximize its synergy by focusing on four core business groups.

Food & Food Services

  • CJ CheilJedang
  • CJ Freshway
  • CJ Foodville


  • CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
  • CJ Feed&Care

Logistics & Retail

  • CJ Logistics
  • CJ ENM Commerce Div.
  • CJ OliveYoung
  • CJ OliveNetworks

Entertainment & Media

  • CJ ENM Entertainment Div.
  • CJ CGV

CJ by the Number


34.5trillion KRW

Total asset

41.9trillion KRW

Operating profit

1.9trillion KRW

Net income

807billion KRW

* As of 2021

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