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‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’ will be held at the TPC Craig Ranch for four days starting May 2… Anticipating action-packed play of PGA Tour players In just 30 days, THE CJ CUP Bryon Nelson (total purse 9.5 million dollars) will be held at the TPC Craig Ranch located in Dallas, Texas, for four days, starting Thursday, May 2. A full field of 156 players will take part in this regular PGA tour event, with the winner earning 500 FedEx Cup points, a two-year exemption on the Tour and a spot in the season’s signature championships. In September of last year, the CJ Group signed a contract to serve as the title sponsor of the Bryon Nelson Tournament for 10 seasons, commencing in 2024, enabling the revival of THE CJ CUP as a historic event on the PGA Tour. In particular, the legacy of THE CJ CUP, fostered since 2017, combined with the tradition of the Byron Nelson tournament, named after the first PGA tour player, promises to deliver the quintessential golf extravaganza for players and fans alike, offering plenty to see and enjoy. THE CJ CUP legacy lives on in ‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’ The first three years of THE CJ CUP were played at the Club Nine Bridge in Jeju, Korea, beginning in 2017. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the next three editions were relocated to Nevada and South Carolina. As the tournament opens a new chapter alongside Byron Nelson this year, the CJ Group is dedicated to preserving the legacy of THE CJ CUP and continuing it at ‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’. ‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’, began as a prestigious regional championship in the Dallas area, originating in 1944, and was renamed in 1968 to honor the PGA Tour legend Byron Nelson. Hosted by the Dallas-based non-profit organization, the Salesmanship Club of Dallas, the event is well known in Korea, with four victories by Korean players: Lee Kyung-hoon, Kang Sung -hun, and Bae Sang-moon. CJ’s Lee Kyung- hoon, in particular, holds a deep affinity for the tournament, clinching back-to-back victories in 2021 and 2022. Jason Day made headlines last year with his first PGA Tour win in five years. Regarded as one of the greatest sporting events in the Dallas area, the championship draws in a staggering 200,000 spectators annually. Fans are eagerly anticipating how THE CJ CUP, which initially began as Korea’s sole regular PGA tour event will merge with Byron Nelson, renowned for its history and tradition. THE CJ CUP trophy, which draws its inspiration from Hangeul (Korea’s writing system and alphabet) and ‘Jikjisimcheyojeol’, the world’s oldest known book printed with movable metal type, will once again be featured at ‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’. Unlike previous editions where the names of all the players in the field were engraved in Korean, this year’s tournament will elevate its significance by inscribing the names of past champions. The trophy will proudly bear the names of defending champion Jason Day, as well as Korean victors Lee Kyung-hoon, Kang Sung-hun, and Bae Sung-moon, alongside PGA tour legends like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, Tom Watson, Fred Couples, and Ernie Els, all engraved in Korean. Initially launched in 2017, the Bridge Kids program, a distinctive CSR program of THE CJ CUP, will continue, providing promising junior golfers with an unforgettable experience to interact with PGA Tour players and receive valuable one-point lessons. In the forthcoming ‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’, Ahn Byung-hoon and a PGA Tour star will mentor and encourage the aspirations of 10 talented young golfers hailing from the Dallas area, including Korean-American players. Additionally, the CJ Group will afford these young players the chance to witness every round of ‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’, empowering them to dream even bigger dreams. ‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’ setting the stage once again to promote bibigo around the world Renowned for its delectable cuisine on the PGA Tour, ‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’ promises to continue its tradition of providing PGA Tour players and golf enthusiasts worldwide with the opportunity to savor Korean cuisine, as it has in previous events. Moreover, it aims to solidify ‘bibigo’ as synonymous with K-food globally. The Korean cuisine featured in previous editions of THE CJ CUP garnered praise from players, allowing them to experience the allure of Korean food firsthand. Throughout the tournament, the CJ Group will highlight the appeal of K-food by offering dishes featuring bibigo brand products at the ‘Player’s Dining’ for the athletes. To commemorate the inaugural ‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’, a fresh menu will be introduced, with Korean fans contributing to its creation, adding further significance to the culinary experience. The CJ Group will additionally oversee the ‘bibigo Concession’ to offer fans from across the world visiting the site a chance to enjoy Korean cuisine, effectively introducing them to the rich flavors of the cuisine, including bibigo’s flagship product, ‘mandu’. Furthermore, CJ Group intends to advance the globalization of K-food by promoting the value of ‘Live Delicious’, which underscores how everyday life is enhanced with Korean food. This will be achieved through a variety of on-site events where visitors can immerse themselves in the bibigo experience. A CJ Group official remarked, “THE CJ CUP, having quickly established its place on the PGA Tour, will undergo a fresh change through its partnership with the historic Byron Nelson tournament. We are committed to ensuring that the unique legacy of THE CJ CUP, merged with the history and tradition of Byron Nelson, culminates in the ultimate tournament. Our aim is to elevate ‘THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson’ into a sports platform, serving as a beachhead to showcase the excellence of K-food and K-culture to golf fans around the world.”
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