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CJ ENM is providing a multi-genre extravaganza of Korean content perfect for cozy February evenings indoors It’s Valentine’s Day soon, and couples everywhere are seeking out binge-worthy shows to settle down with on the couch. For those looking for great content to while away a chilly February, CJ ENM is providing a wide variety of Korean entertainment shows spanning romance, comedy, mystery, travel and music. Today, CJ Newsroom invites you to explore CJ ENM’s offerings and get you set up for a month of stellar Korean content. Perfect for the Valentine’s season, “Wedding Impossible” is a romantic comedy with an engaging plot, snappy humor and big-hearted characters. The series – based on the popular Korean web novel of the same name by Song Jung-won – brings to life the story of A-jung (Jun Jong-seo), an unknown actress who agrees to enter into a fake marriage with her friend and chaebol heir Lee Do-han (Kim Do-wan) in hopes of a career boost. However, Ji-han (Moon Sang-min), her prospective brother-in-law, is determined to stop the wedding. The ensuing chaos sets the stage for romantic hijinks packed with unexpected twists and turns, with the show due to air on February 26. Shifting gears to the mystery genre, “Apartment404” is a unique viewing experience based on real-life events. Set to premiere on February 23, the show is an adrenaline-packed, time-hopping detective drama featuring a star-studded cast including beloved MC Yu Jae-seok and world-famous BLACKPINK member JENNIE. Also starring Lee Jung-ha, Cha Tae-hyun, Oh Na-ra and Yang Se-chan, “Apartment404” will have you on the edge of your seat and test your investigative skills in every episode. Also on the menu is “The Must-Try Restaurants 2,” a delectable treat for foodies everywhere. In the second season of the popular Korean food show, comedian Park Na-rae and renowned “Mukbang” YouTuber Hatnim take viewers on a culinary quest to trending restaurants discovered through social media. With the duo introducing viewers to mouth-watering dishes and exploring the mystique behind each hotspot, their witty but insightful commentary adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the exploration of a vivid culinary landscape. The next stop on the CJ ENM content tour is “Europe Outside Your Tent,” the travel variety show that is unveiling its new lineup on February 18. The show features the journey of Ra Mi-ran, Han Ga-in, Jo Bo-ah and Ryu Hye-young – collectively known as the four foodie sisters – as they forgo hotels for tents, trains for rental cars and restaurants for local markets. An authentic experience filled with real-life interactions, local culinary discoveries and breathtaking landscapes, “Europe Outside Your Tent” takes viewers on an unforgettable virtual tour of the south of France. Lastly, brace yourself for “Build Up,” a knock-out audition show premiering this month with the ambitious goal of debuting a new, four-member vocal boy group. The show will assemble 40 participants who will vie for a coveted spot in the group. More than other musical audition shows, “Build Up” puts a strong emphasis on vocal skills above all else, aiming for a group that is authentic, highly talented and ready to take the world by storm. Get ready for fierce competition that blends raw skill, dedication and passion – and to pick your favorite competitors to cheer on.
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