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CJ CheilJedang will export six strategic K-street Food products to consumers in various global markets K-pop fans visiting the bibigo booth prepared by CJ CheilJedang at KCON Japan 2023 As part of its efforts to spread Korean food worldwide, CJ CheilJedang is launching six Korean Street Food products in the U.S., Europe and Asia starting from June.  The strategic lineup features tteokbokki, corn dogs, gimbap, gimmari (fried seaweed rolls), bungeoppang (Korean fish-shaped red bean pastry) and hotteok (sweet pancakes). The new K-Street Food products will be launched under bibigo, CJ CheilJedang’s global food brand. CJ CheilJedang will begin by launching its first strategic product tteokbokki, a popular street food eaten in Korea, in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Vietnam starting from June. The company will go on to launch other new bibigo products, including corn dogs, gimmari and frozen tteokbokki, in August later this year. CJ CheilJedang will open a K-Street Food Pop-up Store in Shibuya, Tokyo, to promote these products to eager consumers abroad, from May 19 to June 17. A trendy reinterpretation of Korean street food stalls, the pop-up store will feature bibigo tteokbokki, frozen gimbap, Korean-style corndogs and Micho, a fermented fruit vinegar-based drink. Increased interest in Korean TV shows and reality content has caused Korean food to spike in popularity. Shows such as “Jinny’s Kitchen,” a reality show starring popular Korean celebrities such as V from BTS, display the diversity of Korean cuisine. Cast members on the show were able to enjoy tasty bibigo products including tteokbokki, mandu and corndogs. CJ CheilJedang’s ‘Korean Street Food’ emblem Sales from CJ CheilJedang’s overseas food business exceeded 5 trillion KRW (about 3.7 billion USD) last year. Currently, bibigo is present in more than 70 countries around the world, with its overseas markets centered on seven Global Strategic Products (GSPs): mandu, cooked rice, chicken, K-sauce, kimchi, dried seaweed and rolls.
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