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The Governor of the U.S. State of Georgia, Brian Kemp, visits Korea to meet with CJ Foodville, highlighting the company’s pivotal role in the U.S. market and its plans for a new production facility in Georgia The Governor of the U.S. State of Georgia, Brian Kemp, and the First Lady, Marty Kemp, visited CJ Foodville to discuss the new construction of CJ Foodville production plant in Georgia CJ Foodville recently engaged in discussions with the Governor of the U.S. State of Georgia, Brian Kemp, to bolster economic cooperation. On June 12, Gov. Kemp visited Korea, meeting with executives from major Korean companies throughout his week-long visit. Among these companies, CJ Foodville was the only representative from the food industry to attend the meeting. Gov. Kemp expressed gratitude for CJ Foodville’s decision to establish a production facility in Georgia, a landmark achievement as the first Korean food company to do so, as CJ Foodville outlined its plans before and after the completion of the Georgia production factory and thanked the state for its comprehensive investment support. He also actively pursued additional opportunities for collaboration and expressed high expectations for TOUS les JOURS, the bakery’s notable growth and its role as a leading K-Bakery in the U.S.  Within CJ Foodville, TOUS les JOURS has seen remarkable growth in the United States, surpassing 85 million USD (100 billion KRW) in sales for the first time since entering the market. The brand’s unique product offerings, effective marketing strategies and strong franchise management capabilities drive its ever-growing popularity. TOUS les JOURS distinguishes itself with a diverse product line that includes 400 varieties of products spanning from bakery items to coffee. This multi-product strategy, a stark contrast to local bakeries that focus on a narrower range of offerings, has proven to be a key factor in satisfying the varied tastes of American consumers. Furthermore, its extended operating hours, spanning from the early morning until late afternoon, distinguishes it from other bakeries. Additionally, TOUS les JOURS introduces a blend of its signature Korean products and locally developed items that resonate with American consumers, catering to their diverse preferences. Approximately 30% of the products sold in the U.S. are locally made, reflecting the company’s commitment to enhancing its local R&D capabilities through ongoing training and coaching programs. Meanwhile, TOUS les JOURS has established a presence in 27 states across the U.S., with a strategic focus on major business districts in states like California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. TOUS les JOURS has the largest footprint among Korean bakery chains in the U.S. and is continuing to rapidly expand its number of stores nationwide. Utilizing its strong brand competitiveness and franchise management expertise, the company aims to reach 1,000 stores in the U.S. by 2030. CJ Foodville finalized its investment plan last year to construct a manufacturing plant in the U.S. as part of its expansion strategy, ultimately selecting Georgia as the site. The company is now preparing to begin construction in Gainesville, Hall County, with an investment exceeding 54 million USD (approximately 70 billion KRW) to develop a site spanning approximately 969,000 square feet. The facility aims to produce over 100 million bakery products annually, including frozen bread and cakes. The project is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2025. Once the facility is ready, it will serve as a key production hub for the North American market.
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