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ISCC PLUS certification is a first in the Korean market and opens the way for the development of new eco-conscious biomaterials Commemorative photo of COO of CJ CheilJedang Food Korea Kim Sang-ik (left) and CEO of HD Hyundai Chemical Ko Young-gyu (right). New Materials for Carbon Reduction in Non-food Sectors: ISCC PLUS-certified Soybean Oil and Waste Oil Utilized as Biomaterials On March 7, CJ CheilJedang announced that it has begun production of International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS-certified soybean oil. This certification, recognized internationally for following global renewable energy and carbon reduction standards, marks the first time a Korean company has been certified for food ingredients. The certified soybean oil serves as an eco-conscious biomaterial, with sustainability integrated into every stage of its production, from the procurement of raw materials to refining and commercialization. There is anticipation that the product could play a pivotal role in carbon reduction efforts across diverse sectors, including the petrochemical and oil refining industries. Celebrating the First ISCC-certified Oil Shipment to HD Hyundai Chemicals: Two Companies Forge Deal to Establish Eco-friendly Solutions As part of a new collaboration, CJ CheilJedang has provided HD Hyundai Chemical with ISCC PLUS-certified soybean oil and waste cooking oil for use as sustainable biomaterials. The two companies are jointly establishing a circular economy in which HD Hyundai Chemical utilizes these biomaterials to manufacture sustainable plastics and CJ CheilJedang procures the plastics for use in packaging materials and home meal replacement (HMR) containers. The overarching aim of the collaboration is to develop materials that effectively reduce carbon emissions without compromising convenience or food safety. In pursuit of this goal, the two companies formalized their commitment through a memorandum of understanding (MOU), signed on March 7, aimed at establishing an eco-conscious circular system. The signing ceremony, held at HD Hyundai Chemical’s headquarters – located in Daesan, South Chungcheong Province in Korea – saw the participation of Kim Sang-ik, COO of CJ CheilJedang Food Korea, and Ko Young-gyu, CEO of HD Hyundai Chemical. “We plan to expand our partnerships to a diverse range of industries capable of harnessing sustainable biomaterials,” said Kim. “Moving forward, we aim to develop ‘Nature to Nature’ solutions that reflect our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental, social and governance (ESG) management spanning raw material procurement, production, consumption, disposal and all other steps of the business-to-business (B2B) market.” “Thanks to our partnership with CJ CheilJedang, all our Bio-Naphtha (a raw material for plastics) and the resulting plastic products have received ISCC certification, marking a first in Korea,” said Ko. “Starting with an initial supply of 400 tons of soybean oil, we aim to produce 12,000 tons of eco-friendly plastic products by the end of the year.”Last month, in the lead-up to the new announcement, CJ CheilJedang hosted an ISCC PLUS certification ceremony at its Incheon Factory 2 facility in Incheon, Korea. Among those present were plant manager Lim Hang-soon and Dirk Teichert, the Asia Pacific general manager of Control Union. CJ CheilJedang is currently in the process of obtaining ISCC EU certification – which is essential for exporting to EU countries – and intents to complete the certification process by April of this year.
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