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Watch CJ ENM’s Summer Releases for July 2024
Explore CJ ENM’s summer content lined up with a thrilling office drama, a youth drama and a reality show With the summer heat in full swing, explore CJ ENM’s refreshing new content. The thrilling series “The Auditors” is set to debut on July 6. Under the direction of Kwon Young-il, acclaimed for his work on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” and “Little Women,” this series is anticipated to be a captivating Office drama. If you are a sports enthusiast, watch the “Wimbledon 2024” on tvN SPORTS this summer, starting July 1.  For animation enthusiasts, the iconic webtoon that marked the golden age of webtoons, “Serendipity’s Embrace,” is being adapted into a drama on tvN. Premiering on July 15, the show features Chae Jong-hyeop and Kim So-hyun in the lead roles. Or kick back with soothing entertainment. “Fresh of the Sea,” premiers on July 18, featuring actress Yum Jung-ah and former UDT soldier and celebrity DEX, capturing the charming life of a fishing village over three days. A Surprise in a World Full of Gratitude: “The Auditors” Cast: Shin Ha-kyun, Lee Jung-ha, Jin-goo and Jo A-ram / Directed and written by: Kwon Young-il, Joo Sang-gyu and Choi Min-ho Shin Ha-kyun, making his return to tvN after eight years, joins the rising star Lee Jung-ha in “The Auditors.” This full-scale office drama follows Shin Cha-il (Shin Ha-kyun), the head of the auditing team, who confronts rampant embezzlement, corruption and accidents at a construction company alongside the emotionally charged newcomer Goo Han-soo (Lee Jung-ha). “The Auditors” marks the latest series by producer Kwon Young-il, known for directing “Search WWW,” “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” and “Little Women.” The teaser video showcases the charismatic Shin Cha-il and Hwang Dae-woong (Jin-goo) facing off, building anticipation for the upcoming feast of car chases and action scenes. The World’s Most Historical Tennis Tournament “Wimbledon 2024” Comes to tvN SPORTS An exhilarating match on the lush green courts! “Wimbledon Tennis Championships,” held in Wimbledon, England, celebrates its 137th anniversary this year, establishing itself as the oldest tennis tournament globally. Wimbledon stands out among the tennis Grand Slams, or the four oldest and largest tournaments, as the only tournament held on grass courts. Additionally, all players are required to don white attire, encompassing tops, bottoms, socks and shoes. The total prize money for the “Wimbledon 2024,” which opens on July 1, has reached a record-setting 50 million pounds (63.1 million USD), fueling anticipation among sports fans worldwide. This year’s tournament holds special significance as it marks the final appearance of legendary tennis player Andy Murray. The Legendary Webtoon Returns as a Drama “Serendipity’s Embrace”
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