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The franchise is set to accelerate its expansion in Southeast Asia with a new master franchise contract TOUS les JOURS completes relaunching in Cambodia with a new master franchise contract for a fresh start CJ Foodville’s TOUS les JOURS has officially relaunched in Cambodia, announcing plans to expand its dominance in the Southeast Asian market. New Master Franchise Contract Signed with EFG, a Renowned Global Food and Beverages Operator CJ Foodville has signed a new master franchise (MF) contract with EFG, a renowned global food and beverages operator, and has completed refurbishments in Cambodia for a fresh new start. EFG is a company known for its solid local infrastructure, operating over 100 stores in countries including Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Cambodia is an emerging market with high growth potential powered by its young workforce, with an annual growth rate of 7% over the past 20 years. Through the relaunching, TOUS les JOURS aims to position itself as the No. 1 premium bakery brand in Cambodia. The brand will signal its ambitious start by simultaneously opening its first and second stores in Phnom Penh, bolstering its premium brand image with TOUS les JOURS’ latest brand identity and sophisticated interiors. The stores will provide a differentiated experience with a bakery-café concept, offering more than 400 types of bread to local consumers. The first store, TOUS les JOURS Kam Puchea Kroum, is located in the heart of Phnom Penh’s key commercial district, surrounded by various entertainment facilities, the Royal University of Phnom Penh and the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, ensuring a high foot traffic. The second store, Toul Tom Poung, has opened in a residential area known for its traditional market, poised to attract both locals and tourists alike and capture the market as a leading K-bakery brand. Plans to Open Five More Stores by the End of the Year, Expanding Business in the Southeast Asian Market CJ Foodville intends to accelerate business expansion by demonstrating brand competitiveness in the Southeast Asian market starting with the new openings in Cambodia. More than five stores will be launched in Cambodia within the year, with plans to expand into new areas later. “The new leap in Cambodia is significant as it lays a foundation for expansion into neighboring Southeast Asian countries,” said a CJ Foodville official. “Based on our product quality and proven business performance in Southeast Asian nations including Vietnam and Indonesia, we are excited to lead the new K-bakery trend in Cambodia.” Meanwhile, TOUS les JOURS, based on its solid business in Korea, operates more than 400 stores in seven countries, including the United States, Canada, Indonesia and Vietnam. The overseas business is accelerating its growth, showing increasingly significant profit margins each year.
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