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Discover CJ Olive Young’s journey in transforming the beauty industry, championing K-beauty, and overcoming challenges Since 1999, Korea’s leading K-beauty retailer CJ Olive Young has been rewriting the rules of offline beauty shopping. With a treasure trove of health, cosmetics and household products all under one roof, customers were introduced to a world where beauty meets convenience. Olive Young isn’t just a store; it’s a beauty destination where the latest trends are just a step away. Over the years, Olive Young has become the epitome of CJ’s ONLYONE philosophy of being “the First, Best and Different,” leading the charge by embracing up-and-coming brands rather than sticking to the status quo. Despite the challenges thrown by COVID-19, Olive Young has continued to flourish, expanding its product range to keep up with the ever-evolving desires of consumers.  By seamlessly blending offline stores with online malls, Olive Young has seen its sales skyrocket, surpassing significant milestones in record time. Their game-changing move to offer Same-Day Delivery has further enhanced the customer experience, driving increased demand and loyalty. But Olive Young isn’t just making waves in Korea; it’s making a splash worldwide, championing the K-beauty industry and becoming the go-to lifestyle destination. With its unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Olive Young is on track to revolutionize the beauty industry for years to come. Explore more about Olive Young’s remarkable journey on CJ Newsroom’s YouTube Channel. (English subtitles provided)
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