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CJ’s 70-year journey has transformed the company from being Korea’s first-ever sugar manufacturer to a global lifestyle leader Explore CJ Group’s 70-year journey as the company transformed from Korea’s first-ever sugar manufacturer into a global lifestyle giant of today. On November 5, 2023, CJ Group celebrated its 70th anniversary. Korea’s first-ever domestically produced sugar was introduced on November 5, 1953 by CheilJedang Industrial Co., Ltd., CJ Group’s predecessor. CheilJedang’s sugar business, which was birthed from founder Lee Byung-chull’s hope to provide high-quality, affordable sugar for Koreans devastated by the Korean War, then transformed into a multi-faceted company, operating in various business areas spanning from sugar, flour and cotton to food seasoning and instant rice. CheilJedang has been a long-standing leader not only in the food industry, but also in the culture and lifestyle sectors. Its bold investment in DreamWorks in 1995, a far cry from its sugar-producing origins, has evolved the food manufacturing company into the lifestyle giant of today, with the CJ Group now pioneering entertainment, logistics, distribution, biotech and more. CJ Group is changing the lifestyle paradigm on a global scale and in a variety of fields – from its green bio products being ranked No. 1 globally, to its K-food brand bibigo boasting a market share of 48% in the U.S., earning a place as the world’s favorite mandu.  Follow the footsteps of CJ’s past 70 years and discover how its ONLYONE philosophy – being ‘First. Best. Different.’ – has acted as a backbone to evolve the company into a truly global lifestyle conglomerate.
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