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Dive into CJ Logistics’ strategic evolution to success, showcased by acquisitions, technological development and global contributions In a world of culture and commerce deeply intertwined, CJ Logistics’ ability to weave within the global network is vital. The company’s mission to revolutionize logistics began 93 years ago, and its rise to prominence is a journey defined by incisive strategy and bold decisions. Understanding logistics’ pivotal role in industry growth, CJ Group’s foresight led to the establishment of CJ GLS, its logistics subsidiary. Beyond CJ GLS’s own growth, the acquisition of Korea Express in 2011 marked a significant milestone, setting the stage for CJ Logistics’ remarkable expansion. CJ Logistics’ success story is not purely about size; it is also about innovation. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, their Mega-Hub Gonjiam Terminal exemplifies the company’s commitment to efficiency and adaptability. To further their innovative expertise, the recent launch of “The Unban” – a digital transport platform based on Big Data and AI – represents CJ Logistics’ dedication to transparency within the transportation ecosystem. CJ Logistics is now emerging as a global logistics leader, showcasing their capabilities in international-level projects including a secondary battery plant project in the U.S. that is worth approximately 223.3 million USD. They are also leading in cross-border parcel services and are aiming to expand to the Middle East market this year. Check out the video below to explore this technology-intensive industry and CJ Logistics’ journey from humble beginnings to the core of the CJ Group.
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