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The classic Korean corn dog and its unique styles are becoming increasingly popular with culinary enthusiasts worldwide.  Korean-style Corn Dog, Source: bibigo USA A Distinctly Korean Twist on a Popular Snack Food On “Jinny’s Kitchen” – which saw actor Park Seo-joon presenting one as a snack to fellow kitchen staff member V from BTS – Korean-style corn dogs were a hit with both cast and customers alike. With an unmistakable visual style and imaginative twists in flavor, texture and ingredient choice, the global popularity of Korean-style corn dogs is seeing a surge, with increased visibility on YouTube and media outlets alongside growing export numbers. To learn more about Jinny’s Kitchen and its tteokbokki recipes, please visit here. V from BTS enjoying the Korean-style Corn Dog from Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 8 The Korean-style Corn Dogs Most Koreans call them ‘hot dogs,’ but outside of Korea these sausage snacks would be identified as corn dogs, served on a skewer with a characteristic combination of crispy batter on the outside and chewy batter on the inside. A Korean street food staple, corn dogs have long been a must-try experience for tourists, but now they are starting to gain popularity abroad, with dedicated stores opening in places like the U.S. and Japan. The appeal of Korean-style corn dogs comes from their variety. Seasoned with sugar, ketchup or mustard, toppings like potato chunks, stretchy mozzarella, squid ink and jumbo sausages are used to liven up standard corn dog recipes, resulting in an eye-catching presentation and fun, original flavor combinations. By developing a unique identity of their own, corn dogs have become an instantly recognizable Korean snack, representing Korean street food culture on the global stage. Check out the video above to explore how this classic treat rose to global popularity, and to learn how to make your own delicious Korean corn dogs at home, check out the bibigo website’s special recipe here.
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