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CJ CheilJedang unveils its health and wellness-focused K-food products at the largest natural food expo in the world CJ CheilJedang’s bibigo at the Natural Products Expo West (NPEW) 2024, held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, U.S. CJ CheilJedang participated in one of the world’s largest natural food expos, showcasing innovative K-food products to global consumers. Introducing the Health and Wellness Trend in K-food: Highlights from the 2024 NPEW Convention in the United States CJ CheilJedang participated in the 2024 Natural Products Expo West (NPEW) held in Anaheim, California, U.S., from March 12 to 16, an event attended by over 3,000 companies and 60,000 attendees. The expo marked its 42nd anniversary this year, and showcased the latest health and wellness trends in food, supplements and other products. At the event, CJ CheilJedang highlighted innovative bibigo products under the theme of “Fermentation Technology & Eco-friendly Ingredients.” Among the showcased products were kimchi, K-sauces including gochujang and K-BBQ sauce, and seaweed-based items like seaweed snacks, frozen gimbap and seaweed sauces, which tap into the market for nutritious and eco-friendly ingredients that has gained popularity in the U.S. K-food Innovations: Seaweed Sauce, Frozen Gimbap and Seoulfully The bibigo booth garnered significant interest with three new types of Seaweed Sauce varieties – pesto, stir-fry sauce, and hot sauce – which are planned for international release. These sauces earned praise from visitors for their authentic flavors and lack of artificial sweeteners. Crafted through natural seaweed fermentation, Seaweed Sauce rose to the occasion as a healthy new condiment. CJ CheilJedang also introduced Seoulfully to the public for the first time – a new K-sauce brand offering unique Korean flavors. Created as a line of specialized sauces targeting foodservice customers, Seoulfully captures the essence of Korean cuisine with traditional ingredients and fermentation techniques in versatile and easy-to-apply sauces. Seoulfully’s U.S. release is expected to receive an enthusiastic response from global consumers. In partnership with Tulua, a health juice firm dedicated to the development of organic and natural wellness products, CJ CheilJedang also featured the Tulua Gut Health Kimchi Probiotic Shot, powered by CJ CheilJedang’s kimchi probiotic CJLP55™.  The Kimchi Probiotic Shot features CJ CheilJedang’s new functional fermented ingredient, based on its patented CJLP55™ kimchi-derived probiotic and Korean red chili pepper, combined through techniques inspired by traditional kimchi making, and offering consumers a fun, delicious, and convenient way to support their gut health. The Tulua Gut Health Kimchi Probiotic Shot was also awarded as a finalist for the highly competitive and prestigious 2024 NEXTY Awards, under the category of Functional Food or Beverage. The CJ CheilJedang booth drew crowds from around the world, including major U.S. retail buyers, professional sales and distribution agents, and general consumers. The event provided a prime opportunity for CJ CheilJedang to reach beyond the U.S. market to key distribution channels worldwide. “K-food is gaining global attention for its healthy appeal,” said Lee Seong-hwa, from CJ CheilJedang’s New Business Development Team. “By integrating CJ’s cutting-edge technology into the manufacture of innovative products, we’re further globalizing K-food and enhancing its competitiveness in the health and wellness sector, and we’re committed to accelerating this trend.”
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