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Olive Young launches a new flagship K-beauty store catering to Gen Z and Gen Alpha in the heart of Hongdae Customers at Olive Young Hongdae Town On April 26, CJ Olive Young opened Olive Young’s Hongdae Town location, aiming to introduce enhanced K-beauty experiences to overseas customers and those in Generation Z and Generation Alpha who frequent the shopping district nearby the Hongdae area, which is a trending hotspot for young individuals and the epicenter of youth culture in the city.  The new location is also one of Olive Young’s largest stores with an area of 991㎡, the second-largest store after the Myeongdong Town location, which is 1157㎡. Its spacious location provides room for customers to interact with new brands and pop-up stores. The Hongdae Town store serves not merely as a shopping mall, but as a destination for visitors to immerse themselves in the latest beauty trends and brands. Upon entering the store, customers will immediately notice the “Collaboration Pop-Up Zone” which features monthly collaborations, joint exhibitions and events across various industries, including movies, games and characters, alongside new beauty brands to bring an exciting experience to young customers. Customers sampling fragrances at the Fragrance Bar located on the second floor of Olive Young Hongdae Town On the second and third floor, beauty products are meticulously selected and displayed based on Olive Young’s specialized curation. The second floor holds shelves for various makeup brands and premium skincare recommended by Olive Young. The third floor focuses on basic cosmetics such as skin care and includes the “Men’s Total Zone,” a space specializing in men’s products, a “Hair styling bar” with enhanced experience elements and a “K-Beauty Now Zone” for international customers.   The store also provides a visual homage to the vibrant street culture synonymous with the Hongik University district. From media facades to designated selfie zones to K-pop and graffiti art, the eye-catching displays follow youthful trends.  “Our newly opened Hongdae Town store invites customers to discover the unique K-beauty,” said an Olive Young spokesperson. “Our goal is to consistently elevate the customer experience, ensuring each visit is more than just about shopping but about creating enjoyable moments.”  As tourism continues to increase in Korea, Olive Young is elevating its presence in tourist areas such as Myeongdong and Hongik University Station, recognizing these areas as pivotal shopping destinations for international tourists. Last year, Olive Young saw 3.7 million purchases from overseas customers, with 85% of surveyed overseas tourists including an Olive Young visit in their Korea itinerary.  In response to the rising number of international visitors to Korea, the company took proactive measures by producing and distributing on-site manuals for staff at over 60 global specialty stores nationwide last July. Furthermore, earlier this month, Olive Young introduced portable translators capable of interpreting 16 languages at all its stores nationwide. These initiatives aim to enhance the shopping experience for tourists and key K-beauty patrons. 
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