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A round of annual promotions underscores CJ’s commitment to nurturing talent and recognizing outstanding performance New CEO Appointments: Kang Sin-ho and Shin Young-soo Take Lead at CJ CheilJedang and CJ Logistics, Respectively On February 16, CJ Group announced that it has carried out its annual executive promotions, with new CEO appointments at key subsidiaries, including CJ CheilJedang and CJ Logistics. One notable appointment is Kang Sin-ho, former CEO of CJ Logistics, who will now helm CJ CheilJedang. Kang became the CEO of CJ Logistics in 2021, where he led a remarkable period of growth for the company. Kang’s tenure was marked by innovative structural changes and significant enhancements to organizational culture, culminating in a record operating profit of 480.2 billion KRW (approx. 360 million USD) in 2023.  After joining CJ Group in 1988 at an entry-level position, Kang has played numerous pivotal roles at CJ, including CJ Group HR manager and CEO of CJ CheilJedang’s food business division and CJ Freshway.  Another significant leadership announcement is Shin Young-soo’s appointment as CEO of CJ Logistics. Previously CEO of CJ Logistics’ Korea Business Division, Shin’s success in pioneering forward-looking business models in delivery and e-commerce – exemplified by the successful launch of the “O-NE” brand – contributed to CJ Logistics’ record performance in the Korean market. 19 CJ Leadership Promotions Underscore Performance-Driven Management and a Focus on Millennial Talent Beyond CEO appointments, a total of 19 employees were also promoted to leadership roles across CJ affiliates. Among these individuals, six were from CJ Logistics and four were from CJ Olive Young, the two subsidiaries that Chairman Lee Jae-hyun visited in-person in January. The promotions place a particular emphasis on fostering millennial talent, with several of those filling leadership positions born in the 1980s and 1990s, once again aligning with the company’s ethos of merit-based professional advancement. “Our approach is guided by the fundamental principle that promotion is assessed on the basis of achievement,” a CJ spokesperson said. Despite the challenging business landscape, CJ Group’s latest round of executive promotions signifies CJ’s faith in its talent and its proactive stance towards future growth. Kang Sin-ho, CEO of CJ CheilJedang Joined CJ : 1988 Born : 1961 Shin Young-soo, CEO of CJ Logistics Joined CJ : 1990 Born : 1965
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