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Leading entertainment company CJ ENM announced that it will co-produce films and TV series with TBS Group, one of the top five private broadcasters in Japan, for the next three years. CJ ENM and TBS Group previously signed a business agreement for joint production in 2021 to boost the quality of content for the global market. Branching out, the two companies will move forward to produce over three TV series and two films in a collaborative effort over the next three years. The co-produced TV series will air on TBS television channels, and one series is already scheduled for a prime time slot in 2025. Since forming a strategic alliance in 2021, CJ ENM and TBS Group have been jointly developing numerous creative projects including scripted and non-scripted shows, films, and animation. In March 2024, the two companies hosted their first creator workshop program, inviting around fifty top content creators to exchange creative insights. The second workshop will be held in Japan within the latter half of the year. A CJ ENM representative remarked, “The two companies have established a cooperative system from years of partnership. With CJ ENM navigating the global expansion of K-culture with its unmatched production capabilities and TBS owning attractive IPs, we will mutually produce content that will grasp audiences worldwide.”
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