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The classic Korean snack is proving increasingly popular in Europe and will now be available to more UK customers than ever. Characteristic Korean Seaweed Snack Expands Presence in UK CJ CheilJedang’s “bibigo Seaweed Snack” has arrived in UK grocery chains Asda and Ocado, both online and in offline stores, expanding the product’s availability in the country.  The principal ingredient of this savory snack is dried seaweed, which is called “Gim” in Korea. bibigo’s Gim uses 100% Korean domestic seaweed that preserves its deep, natural flavor. Roasted at different temperatures depending on the season, the process ensures a consistent crispiness all year round. Made with rice chips woven into the seaweed, which is then baked in the oven, bibigo Seaweed Snacks are low in cholesterol and free from gluten, saturated fat, colorings and additives. When eaten, their crispy texture gives way to a distinct tenderness and fragrance. Historically, Gim was an important source of vitamins in Korean coastal regions during the winter season, and today helps make delicious and naturally low-calorie snacks. Gim Takes the Global Market by Storm With its healthy qualities and unique flavor, sales of bibigo gim in the European market have grown by 61% since July last year. One of the many classic K-foods gaining popularity outside of Korea, Gim is one of CJ CheilJedang’s Global Strategic Products (GSPs), a selection of Korean foods at the center of the company’s worldwide expansion strategy. CJ CheilJedang’s GSPs include mandu, processed rice, chicken, K-sauce, kimchi, rolls and Gim. In 2022, CJ CheilJedang, having established a UK subsidiary, launched its bibigo Seaweed Snack products in the UK cut into long, rectangular shapes and packaged in convenient, snack-sized containers. The bite-sized products come in a variety of flavors, including sea salt, Korean barbecue and hot chili.  Last August, the bibigo Seaweed Snack was awarded a “Simply Delicious” rating at the Great Taste Awards, the UK’s most prestigious food and beverage awards ceremony. With ratings that are recognized all over the world by industry professionals, the Great Taste Awards sees over 15,000 products entered each year.
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