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With a growing enthusiasm for low-hassle meals and melding flavors from different parts of the world, CJ Newsroom is exploring the outlook of this year’s food trends From raiding the pantry to casually grazing with the fridge open, more individuals are seeking out meals that are quick to prepare yet packed full of flavor.  How will this affect consumption and meal preparation in 2024? Here are three trends that are set to influence how consumers enjoy meals this year. 1. Minimum Prep Time and Maximum Flavor Many find themselves pressed for time when it comes to sitting down for a meal. As such, more individuals are turning to premade food that can be whipped up at the last minute. In a study conducted by the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association, 77% of American parents said they turn to frozen foods at least once a week in order to get dinner on the table quickly.These answers point to the rise in popularity of the “no-prep dinner” trend, or dinners that are simple to prepare with limited time. To meet these demands, bibigo delivers nutrition-packed ready made meals that can be heated and served in only minutes. Consumers can easily pair bibigo rice medleys with their protein of choice for a quick and healthy meal. For easily shareable meals among loved ones, bibigo offers premade frozen fried rice packs such as Chicken with Korean BBQ Flavor, Shrimp with Soy Garlic and Vegetables with Kimchi that can be heated on the stove or in the microwave within minutes. 2. Fun Dishes With Fusion Flavors In today’s hyperconnected world, it is becoming easier than ever to discover traditional cuisines from the other side of the planet. As a result, people are increasingly enthusiastic about combining new tastes. As people continue to share recipes and create new flavors, this enthusiasm is expected to shape meal prep in various nations around the world. In this context, fusion cuisine is poised to play a meaningful role in both formal restaurant menu concepts and at-home meal prep. From artful Korean-Vietnamese dishes to delectable Korean-Mexican comfort foods, consumers are eager to pair global flavors with staples from their local cuisine.  bibigo believes in the power of melding diverse cultures and food, and proudly offers an assortment of excellent fusion products, including Pork & Vegetable, Beef & Vegetable, Bulgogi Chicken Mandu.  3. Subbing Snacks for Meals As definite mealtimes continue to wane, many find themselves lightly snacking throughout the day rather than sitting down for proper meals. A recent report conducted by Mondelez International highlighted how 55% of consumers stated that their households make a meal from snacks at least once a week. While individuals across the board are opting for snacks over meals, Millennials and Generation Z are particularly heavy snackers — driving this phenomenon up. For those looking to elevate their snack game, bibigo products can make snack time even more epic. Light snacks such as bibigo Seaweed Crisps offer an element of crunch and pleasant saltiness for a perfect afternoon pick-me-up, while heavier dishes such as bibigo Corn Dogs and Tteokbokki satisfy savory cravings when they strike. Spicing up mealtime has never been easier with bibigo. Visit the bibigo USA website to view a full selection of products and to learn more about how bibigo helps make life more delicious.
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