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CJ CheilJedang rebrands with a new brand identity, focusing on expanding into new markets and engaging with Gen Z through its “Live Delicious” campaign bibigo unveils new Brand Identity (BI) to accelerate K-food expansion in the global market. Rebranding to Meet Global Consumer Standards: New Brand Identity Features Both English and Korean Text CJ CheilJedang’s bibigo is set to transform into a globally recognized K-food brand, both in name and strategy. CJ CheilJedang has revealed its plans to revamp bibigo, their flagship brand representing Korean food culture, to meet the demands of global consumers. The company will expand its presence into new territories including the Western European and halal markets while solidifying its position as a brand synonymous with K-food worldwide. As part of this initiative, a new Brand Identity (BI) will be introduced and gradually implemented in product packaging, starting this February in Korea, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia and the U.S. The new BI shows two green, curved lines meeting in a circular shape, symbolizing a dining table and the connection individuals who enjoy Korean food culture share. A departure from the traditional Korean stone pot-shaped logo – associated with dishes like Korean bibimbap – the new BI reflects the company’s commitment to broadening the scope of K-food. Meanwhile, by incorporating Korean letters alongside English text, the new BI remains clearly identifiable as a Korean brand. bibigo’s packaging features a new global BI from CJ CheilJedang. Accelerating K-food Expansion Into New Markets: Focusing on Chicken and K-street food Alongside Korean Dumpling Popularity Trends As part of its rebranding efforts, bibigo is characterizing chicken and Korean street food as it’s newest core products to expand on the success of their current dumpling product line. CJ CheilJedang is planning to propel these newer food categories into major global markets. The company aims to establish a robust global production infrastructure for their “Sobaba Chicken” – which has proven to be a big success in Korea – as well as their tteokbokki, bungeoppang (Korean fish-shaped red bean pastry) and frozen gimbap. Enhancing Engagement With Gen Z Worldwide With “Live Delicious” Slogan and Campaign  CJ CheilJedang’s new strategy for the brand includes enhancing engagement with the global Gen Z demographic through an array of campaign media featuring the brand slogan “Live Delicious,” emphasizing how Korean cuisine enriches daily life. With the brand already present in over 70 countries and more than half its consumers being international, this initiative seeks to further solidify bibigo’s position as a leader in the premium convenience food industry on a global scale. As the dominant force in Korean premium convenience food for a decade, bibigo has been a pioneer in expanding Korean culinary influence overseas. Following the acquisition of Schwan’s Company in 2019, bibigo significantly bolstered its presence in the U.S., elevating its status as a leading K-dumpling brand and achieving substantial growth in the global market.
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