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Immersive, Multisensory Screen Experience Seen as Asset for Global Expansion CJ CGV subsidiary CJ 4DPLEX announced February 20 that it is rebranding the multisensory, multidimensional cinematic experience that its customers enjoy. With ULTRA 4DX, previously known as 4DX Screen, the entertainment company aims to bring a next-level immersive viewing experience to audiences worldwide. 4DX Screen made its debut in Korea in 2017 before spreading to France, China and Vietnam. It integrated 4DX, the ultimate state-of-art technology delivering a fully immersive cinematic experience, with Screen X, the world’s first multiprojection movie theater. CJ 4DPLEX is now setting its sights on markets throughout the world and is eager to export only the best in cinematic excellence.  “While our previous 4DX Screen technology combined 4DX and ScreenX physically, ULTRA 4DX truly embodies our commitment to synergy,” said CJ 4DPLEX CEO Kim Jong-yeol. “As we pursue wider global expansion, we intend to bring unmatched value and technological expertise to an increasingly sophisticated international audience.” As of 2023, CJ 4DPLEX operated 792 4DX theaters and 379 ScreenX theaters worldwide, in collaboration with 112 cinema partners in 74 countries.
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