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CJ CheilJedang To Make bibigo Sliced Kimchi at Production Bases in Australia and the U.S. Kimchi products from bibigo, made in Australia (left) and the United States CJ CheilJedang Expands Territory of its bibigo Kimchi with Production Launch in Australia and North America CJ CheilJedang is bringing Korean food to a wider fan base by increasing its global supply capacity for bibigo kimchi products.  CJ CheilJedang Expands Territory of its bibigo Kimchi with Production Launch in Australia and North America On April 14, CJ CheilJedang announced that it now offers two varieties of bibigo sliced kimchi produced inAustralia and has reformulated the kimchi it exports from Korea to Australia. The locally produced kimchi being introduced this time reflects the needs of Australian consumers for freshly made kimchi. Previously, consumers in Australia had to purchase imported kimchi from Korea. But with the expansion of bibigo’s production base, they can now get locally sourced kimchi made with Australian ingredients. The product is available from ethnic markets in 400- and 900-gram sizes. Of the bibigo kimchi products that CJ CheilJedang produces in Korea and exports to Australia, 10 have been upgraded with an advanced fermentation technology that helps the kimchi ripen to perfection while staying fresh and retaining its texture. The upgraded kimchi products were launched in February at ethnic markets in Australia and are available at selected Woolworths stores starting this month. Acquires Kimchi Manufacturer in U.S. to Build In-house Production Capabilities for North American Market Expansion Likewise, CJ CheilJedang aims to expand sales in the North American market by producing kimchi in the United States. North American sales of bibigo kimchi grew more than 40% last year, and with the recent acquisition of a U.S. kimchi manufacturer the company plans to get various products into mainstream stores. bibigo Kimchi’s Global Sales Increase by 20% Last Year: Accelerating Kimchi Globalization Through Country-specific Localization CJ CheilJedang exports bibigo kimchi to more than 50 countries worldwide, and last year global sales increased 20% over the previous year, with a high growth rate in Europe, where it recorded 25%, and Japan, where it reached 31%. In some markets, that growth was even higher — such as Vietnam where bibigo holds 62% of the kimchi market, and in Europe the brand has entered major channels such as Costco by offering high-quality shelf-stable kimchi. Im Hee-jeong, who is responsible for kimchi at CJ CheilJedang, explained how bibigo achieved success overseas by offering localized products for different markets. “Our kimchi is popular because of our patented probiotics and the careful way we select ingredients,” Im said. “We make sure bibigo kimchi never loses its crisp texture or its distinctive flavor, and we analyze consumer preference in our target markets so we can offer new varieties of kimchi to suit the needs of different segments. That’s how we achieved success with cilantro kimchi, vegan kimchi and the others in our diverse product range.”
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