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Recent Interns from diverse backgrounds share a behind-the-scenes perspective on their internship experience at CJ International students from around the world are finding it increasingly attractive to live and study in Korea. Each year, the number of international students enrolled at Korean universities is rising – up 9% this year from 2022. However, landing a job in Korea as a foreign student may not be as straightforward.  To offer more career opportunities for students seeking to immerse themselves in work and life in Korea, CJ CheilJedang this year launched the Global Talent Internship program, which is dedicated to applicants from international backgrounds who have a passion for Korean culture.  To learn more about the program, CJ met two of its exemplary interns – Viktoriia Krugliakova from Russia and Lotta Laamanen from Finland – for a behind-the-scenes perspective on their internship experience.  Q: Can you share some insights about the teams you are part of and what drew you to the Global Talent Internship? Lotta: I joined CJ CheilJedang’s Mergers & Acquisitions Team through the Global Talent Internship program. The M&A Team is responsible mainly for analyzing industry prospects, finding market share possibilities and sourcing new opportunities in order to position CJ CheilJedang as a strong player in whatever market it is involved in. One of my roles is to analyze target companies, their business models and their industries. Work with the M&A team has been really stimulating and enjoyable, and my fellow members have helped me learn a lot throughout my internship. Viktoriia: I had the chance to learn about CJ CheilJedang’s Global Talent Internship program through the K-campus Networking Event held back in February. What appealed to me was the company’s commitment to sustainability, which includes developing animal-free meat and zero-waste products. My responsibilities here in the New Market Development Team include collecting and documenting consumer data and drawing insight from it, helping the team build strategies to enter new markets and expand CJ CheilJedang’s business areas. Q: What have been some of the benefits and challenges of the program? Viktoriia: Recently, I had the chance to do a presentation on a project I had been working on. In preparing to run my colleagues through the work I had done, I was able to equip myself with presentation skills I would not have been able to develop otherwise, particularly as I am more accustomed to academic presentations over business ones. The advice my mentor here on the team gave me throughout was invaluable, too.  Lotta: Working at CJ CheilJedang has been a very rewarding experience. It has enriched my career, and I have been able to learn more about how global Korean companies operate. I have also had the chance to explore a new field I was not familiar with, as finance – which the M&A team has a lot of involvement in – was not my major when I was studying. Q: What are some of the perks of working at CJ CheilJedang’s Global HQ? Viktoriia: The view from our office, on the 19th floor of the HQ located in the center of Seoul at DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) History and Culture Park Station, is very beautiful. I also enjoy visiting the HQ’s canteen and coffee spots with my colleagues during breaks. Lotta: We interns work 10 to 5, which means we have more flexibility both before and after work than most companies offer. When there are no more meetings or training commitments, we can get off work at 5 p.m. on the dot! To learn more about the daily life of a CJ CheilJedang Global Talent Intern, check out the video below.
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