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Celebrate Father’s Day with the perfect pairing of Korean-style fried chicken and ice-cold beer, offering a unique twist on classic comfort food Father’s Day is more than just socks and gift cards. It’s about celebrating the man who’s been there through it all. This Father’s Day, why not express gratitude with a meal he’ll deeply appreciate? Recalling the cherished memories of childhood barbecues with Dad at the grill, let’s prepare a heartfelt meal for him.  One might wonder, “what food should we make, though?” Give fried chicken and beer a try, but make it special with a Korean twist. Wait, Chicken and Beer With a Korean Twist? The term “Chimaek” is a portmanteau derived from the Korean words “chikin,” meaning Korean-style fried chicken, and “maekju,” which translates to beer. Chimaek is a delectable fusion that has evolved into a staple dish in South Korea, embodying enjoyment and social camaraderie. To many Koreans, sharing Chimaek can turn an ordinary day into a special occasion, making it a fitting tribute to the man who has played a significant role in your life. This pairing distinguishes itself from the American-style chicken and beer with its unique sweet yangnyeom sauce and a double frying method that yields a crispy texture and a vibrant flavor that harmonizes perfectly with a chilled beer. Although neither fried chicken nor beer originated in Korea, the culture has embraced the combination so much that it now serves as a symbol of enjoyment and social rapport. The popularity of this pairing, frequently showcased in Korean media, has led to the term Chimaek being added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Any father will be excited to try the savory, crispy fried chicken paired with ice-cold beer — the perfect choice for this Father’s Day celebration.   CJ Does Chicken Well. Very Well. The idea of making fried chicken for Father’s Day seems like the perfect idea, but it can be a daunting task. Making fried chicken from scratch can take up to three hours and creating the perfect sauce is a difficult balance. But with bibigo, the perfect meal for dad is ready in just twenty minutes or less. Chicken products are a fan favorite among CJ’s wide product line, with ready-made products like bibigo Korean-style Crunchy Chicken and CJ Gourmet Sobaba Chicken that make any weeknight meal or holiday celebration quick, easy and delicious.  The company’s commitment to quality food and the preservation of traditional flavors has resulted in impressive sales figures. In the first quarter, the food business segment posted sales of KRW 2,831.5 billion, up 2.6% year-on-year, and operating profit of KRW 184.5 billion, up 37.7%. In the Korean food business, sales of major products such as bibigo dumplings, hetbahn and gourmet Sobaba chicken increased by more than 10% thanks to the expansion of new sales channels through strategic collaboration with online platforms. CJ CheilJedang’s bibigo will continue to expand its portfolio in the global market, ensuring more people can enjoy the delicious taste of its Korean-style fried chicken. bibigo Korean-style Crunchy Chicken is readily available in stores like Costco and Walmart, making it easy to purchase and prepare this special meal on special occasions.  So, this Father’s Day, show your appreciation by preparing some Korean-style Crunchy Chicken paired with dad’s favorite beer. This delightful combination of crispy chicken and cold beer will create a memorable and joyous experience for the entire family.
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